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Below are our adult and kids class timetables.

As well as our classes we also have a Learn to dance in 12 weeks DVD
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Silhouette offer a full range of Pole and Burlesque party packages,
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Pole Dancing

The benefits of pole dancing for exercise.

You Burn Calories – During the class you might burn as much as 250 calories! That is comparable to a decent gym session

Build & Tone – supporting all your body weight on one arm can be difficult and will build your upper body. It will also strengthen your core and if you come regularly you should expect to see better definition in your bottom, thighs & arms.

Get that happy feeling – Any kind of physical exertion make your body release happy chemicals – endorphins making you feel happier and more energetic.

What should I wear?
Shorts or if you are feeling brave hot pants, you need bare legs to grip the pole properly
Trainers are worn for the warm up and then barefoot for the remainder.

First Steps

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